To-Learn List

What I want (or think I want) to learn:
  • Direct outreach
  • Maintaining high-level relationships with community partners
  • Vision on huge projects
  • Writing grants, innovation papers, etc.
  • Project planning
  •   especially with people directly
  • Maintaining contact not through email (phone, in-person, 
  • Attacking the systemic problem, not just feel-good volunteering
  • Innovating for volunteering and societal solutions
  • Work with media
  • Advertise and awareness --> BIG RESPONSE
  •    not just updating website with no views, no donations, no response
  • Maintaining a blog (constant updating) / log
  • How to maintain my autonomy and not get pulled in all directions
  • How to maintain my power and assert that "this is not my job"
  • How to maintain my focus and not forget things on my plate

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